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updated, woo woo!

(prices cut on some of the stuff!) i have new items! purses, a hoodie! ooo all behind cut! :)

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is it every time i go to order something from vs pink, THEY ARE already out of the size large?

jesus! get more of a size women need, especially with larger boobs. >_>


-hello kitty bags.
-REASONABLY priced make up lots. mac, vs, sephora, nyx, bobbi brown. i love eyeshadows, lipgloss, sprays, makeup tools, blush and bronzer. NO LIPSTICK!


yesyes. it's the day of the green. and no folks, not that GREEN!


ANYWAY. all my stuff is going up to ebay later tonight or tomorrow. thanks again for looking!

Dec. 20th, 2009

christmas is bringing out the best things!

black & orange.


my favorite day of days!

updating tomorrow or sat!

hey potential buyers and traders!

i'll be updating a couple things tomorrow including and authentic leather green juicy couture clutch, a juicy necklace (authentic), harajuku lovers perfume and a couple of other items.

this will be my LASSST selling update until after the holidays because of school, work and other things that are coming up.

btw, knocked down the price of the a. juicy couture velvour gigi bag to $90 shipped. (if i can't get a good trade or sale by the end of next week they're going to ebay.)

thanks again!



our economy needs it!


sometimes i think i'm a superficial bitch. stop ashley. stop now, before you succumb to this shit!

anyway, school is going. i mean, literally, just starting back after break. the weird thing about college is it almost feels like you're in high school again, only less structured. take for instance, my vector graphics class; adobe illustrator & the book are my teacher. we literally had no instructor for the first two days of class and the sub had no idea how to use the program either. the really fucked up part about this is most of the class are first time users, so the reality is we don't have a clue how to use this. i do however like the saying it's "only a program, you can't harm it!". limitations though! if you have no idea the functions of illustrator you can't properly use it and you feel uncomfortable. i hope i'll be able to find some assistance for my projects in the meanwhile. :/